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Children’s Books that have a meaningful message are very difficult to find. Meet Moe the penguin and his unlikely friend Boo the Eskimo. Follow them through the years and learn what Boo discovers about friendship and family. This book tells their story in rhyme and shows how physical differences don’t matter in friendship and how the only requirements to make a family is love.

If you
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  • Official Review: Moe And His Best Friend Boo by Nancy Alan
  •  by CataclysmicKnight » 
    [Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Moe And His Best Friend Boo" by Nancy Alan.]
    A good portion of my time online is spent watching adorable animal videos. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that cross-species friendship isn't unheard of. A dog might be friends with a cow, or a mouse might be best buddies with a cat. So when I saw a children's book about a penguin who befriends a human, I had to see what was going to happen! Moe And His Best Friend Boo by Nancy Alan is a book about a penguin named Moe who met a boy named Boo. The two quickly became friends, and from then on, they did everything together. Eventually, life pulled the two apart, but a friendship like theirs lasts forever. And hey, nothing can keep good friends apart for too long! This is a very cute children's book. I loved that the book centered on the penguin, not the human. The similarities between them were adorable. On one page, Nancy shows how the two of them love to fish together, even though they don't fish the same way. Boo is sitting on a little ice block while he's ice fishing, and Moe is right there in the water, yanking a fish out with his mouth. The artwork is emotive, and Nancy puts the icy setting to use very well.  The writing is also excellent. I almost rolled my eyes when I saw that this was a rhyming book, but the rhymes are great. I couldn't read the book without hearing how sing-songy the stanzas were in my head. Moe And His Best Friend Boo is a great book about friendship, and I'm happy to give it 4 out of 4 stars. I appreciated the little added themes like growing up and family. The book is perfectly edited, the words flow melodically, and the artwork is adorable. People who love igloos, Eskimos, penguins, the color blue, and friendship will get the most out of this book. ******